Plans and prices

Do you work in a team and want to centralize your business? Do you want to simplify the billing? X4ToDo is for you.

X4ToDo proposes two different solutions that you can combine according to your needs.

X4ToDo Team
24,00 €/year
only 2 euro per month

What is the fundamental requirement of a Team? Exchange information.
How do you resolve this normally? And does it works?
And if you miss someone? And if it is an old job?

X4ToDo Team is designed for professionals who have different customers, different partnerships, contacts and many other things to remember.

What can you do with X4ToDo Team

  • you can create your own team with other X4ToDo users
  • you can exchange messages with members of your team
  • you can share things to do
  • you can share work sessions
  • you can share notes on to do things
  • you can share customers
  • you can share notes on customers
  • you can share customer contacts
  • you can use the search function on all these data

In addition to this you can report it so you can analyze the flow of activity.
Starting from any context, project or activity you can view:

  • Annual report
  • Monthly report
  • Weekly report
  • Daily report

Each of these can be filtered by a member of the team, by task or just for working sessions and you can get a version as XLS file.

For those who prefer the graphics from any context, project or activity you can view:

  • Charts from reports
  • Gantt chart

View our gallery of screenshots to get a better idea and read the notes on the project for the protection of all members of the team.

X4ToDo Billing
24,00 €/year
only 2 euro per month

Simplify the way you work. Enter the details of your company, create a project, the activities that will be necessary to carry out, assign them directly and get an estimate. If your customer approves the budget will be an outline of activities and after completing the work, with two clicks you'll get the invoice.

X4ToDo Billing features:

  • Automatic numbering
  • Ability to provide percentages added up assessment
  • Ability to provide percentages to be deducted from taxable
  • Ability to predict the VAT rate
  • Ability to specify different voices, and related costs, which will form the taxable
  • Estimates and invoices can be customized with your logo
  • Export as PDF file

The layout is customizable: you can add conditions, annotations, advertising or use other colours. For more details see how to customize estimates and invoices.

You have more than one company? No problem you can have as many companies as you want.

Do you think this is not enough? The management of advance payments and payments is stressful?

  • Record revenue and expenses
  • Summary of annual, monthly, weekly, filtered by company or customer
  • Summary of the payment status

View our gallery of screenshots to get a better idea.

How to join this plans?

After the normal registration, get to the management of your profile and click the Add features button.