The project

X4ToDo is a project (
X4ToDo was born as To Do Manager in the wake of the spread of the art of time management GTD (Getting Things Done) and gradually turns into a more structured management to meet the daily needs of freelancers and in general of every professional.

In particular X4ToDo offers some basic services:

  • The management of activities (things to do)
  • Customer management
  • Management of customer contacts
  • Schedule (daily, weekly, monthly and annual) of assets.

Peculiarities of X4ToDo

One of the most useful aspects for freelancers is the possibility to organize tasks. For this purpose X4ToDo offers:

  • Ability to group tasks in contexts (examples: home, work, client 1, client 2, activity 1, activity 2)
  • Ability to group activities in projects (examples: whitewash house (which could be included in context house), a project website (which could be included in the work environment), etc..)
  • Activities are organized as a tree (like folders on your computer) and then you can develop activities, subtasks, sub-subtasks, etc..

Another useful aspect for freelancers is time management. For this X4ToDo can register working sessions, the so-called TimeTracking.
Each activity can record its sessions and in this way you can keep track of the time spent on each.

Finally, a small, but very useful feature: the ability to add notes. Activities, customers, contacts with customers. Small issues that would otherwise be lost in the continuous flow of information, will find their own space.

Additional Features

In its basic functions X4ToDo is perfect for freelancers who work alone. If you work in a team, without ever meeting, and your work and needs are increasing. X4ToDo offers two additional packages:

  • X4ToDo Team - for the project management team
  • X4ToDo Billing - for billing and payment management

Read about the features and costs of additional services and the design choices in the interests of team members.

X4ToDo is SAAS

X4ToDo is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service), that is, as a service. SaaS is a software delivery model where companies offer their customers an integrated service that includes support, maintenance and infrastructure server.

Terms of use

The registration and use of X4ToDo, in its basic functions, has no costs.
Further additional features include an annual fee, see pricing plans.


X4ToDo is structured in a way to ensure the maximum privacy and personal data protection contained on, necessary for the operation of the program.


Please email to if you have any kind of problems.